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Employer: ​Remley 
Project Location: Serdivan, Sakarya
Year: 2019
Function: Commercial
Size: 6000 m²
Situation: Built
Issue: Architectural&Interior Design


A food and beverage complex project that aims to create a portable, reproducible organism consisting of the steel module combinations with different sizes according to the need for a temporary area and time in Sakarya, Turkey. It is aimed to remove the borders by creating an urban space with its landscape arrangement that includes various activity, seating, park-game functions in its center, and strengthening the open-closed area relationship within it. The form of the building and the void ratio have been created by associating the combinations of modules that serve different concepts to a wide eaves plane which creates a continuous semi-open circulation line surrounds the building near the borders with reference to the features of the land and to enhance the usage of public space in the center. Despite the fact that the 6 different food and beverage concepts which served by the module combinations have certain areas defined by them, the facades were designed to be fully removable for the aim of integrating the modules with the urban space and the semi-open circulation area to eliminate the internal-external relationship of the complex and operate as a totalitarian outdoor bazaar. Common needs of this complex ; wet areas, circulation, landscaping and outdoor-indoor activity areas are also planned in the line with the needs of this totalitarian design. In the landscape design of the urban space; by organizing information, activity, playground and recreation platforms at different levels, it is aimed to enable users to experience different social activities in this semi-public complex along with eating and drinking functions.

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