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Employer: ​Remley 
Project Location: Serdivan, Sakarya
Year: 2018
Function: Housing
Size: 5.000 m²
Situation: Concept Project
Issue: Architectural Design

In Sakarya, the building group, which is located on the north-south axis, is connected to the city in the north-east direction and to the green area in the north-west direction, has been resolved as two different types of detached two-storey residential buildings. The building group, which consists of a total of 11 buildings, is laid parallel to the slope so as not to see each other. In plan analyzes, all common areas are placed in relation to landscape and landscape, and a semi-permeable relationship is defined. In addition to the common areas on the ground floor, circulation areas are also an important turning point in terms of strengthening the relations with the environment.

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