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SET|Setüstü 11


Employer: Alkatas
Project Location: Kabataş, İstanbul
Year: 2023
Function: Housing
Size: 3500 m2
Situation: Concept Project
Issue: Under Construction

Located among adjacent building groups in the Setüstü district on the Bosphorus silhouette within the borders of Beyoğlu District, 19 | 74 ; It is located at the intersection of an important transportation center for Istanbul with Kabataş Ferry Pier, T1 Tram Line, F1 Funicular Line passing through the neighboring parcel axis and M7 Metro Line, which will be completed soon. 19 | 74; Due to its location, the lowest point is İnebolu Street, which is approximately 8m above sea level, where the entrance to the parcel is provided, and the highest point is; It is an area with a total surface area of 720 m2, located on the southeast-northwest axis, with a 20m elevation difference between İnebolu Street and terraced sets with stone walls extending towards Gümüşsuyu.

The primary solution target for the 2 buildings located within the parcel; After providing access to the parcel from İnebolu Street, access to the rear block is provided by preserving the existing walls. For this purpose, the entrance hall of the central apartment building on the ground floor of the front block was thought of as a passage, and an uninterrupted passage extending to the rear facade of the front block was positioned. For users reaching the backyard from this passage in the front block; Access to the rear block is provided by the steel-constructed open staircase, elevator and bridge.

Following the analysis of the plan schemes of the buildings, in the process of making facade design decisions; Bosphorus structures from past to present were examined and analyzes were made on open-closed protrusion ratios, facade materials, occupied-empty ratios, eaves details and permeability, and a design suitable for its location was created in a modern style.

For blocks overlooking the uninterrupted Bosphorus view; A ratio defined by symmetry axis, completely transparent wide spaces, double bay windows and linear spaces opened on both sides of the bay windows was determined, and the uninterrupted continuation of these ratios along the entire vertical line of the facade was ensured. All this transparency; The main character of the facade was determined by adding collapsible, constructive, hollow metal panels that make it semi-permeable with a veil effect and protect the eastern facade from the sun rays and the mutual visual contact of the transfer center in front of it. This designed metal facade element aims to create integrity in the façade language and between the buildings by showing itself on the cantilever facades of both buildings in the landscape direction and on the railings and entrance eaves on all other facade surfaces. The remaining opaque surfaces are; It is completed with natural stone on the facade surface and titanium zinc clamped coating with eaves on the roof.

In conclusion; A unique building group has been designed with the circulation scheme created by the difficult terrain structure and the limitation of environmental factors, and the plan typologies resolved in accordance with this scheme. It is aimed to create a timeless design with continuity in the Bosphorus throughout the life of the building, with the façade form determined by open and closed protrusion ratios, eaves details and selected materials.

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