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S12 | S12 House

Employer: ​Sandal Family
Project Location: Sogucak, Kusadasi, Aydin
Year: 2022
Function: Residential
Size: 300 m²
Situation: Under Construction
Issue: Architectural Design + Construction

S12 House is a a single residential building design, in a rectangular parcel of 15x40m sizes with a single entry, located in Sogucak, Kusadasi.


Starting from the unique form of the parcel; with the structure being positioned linearly along the eastern border and oriented to the west along the parcel depth; It is aimed to construct a homogeneous relationship between the landscape and the landscape of all spaces in the project. For this purpose; First of all, all the spaces were separated down to their smallest units and a settlement and building plan was obtained by sequentially reassembling them in accordance with the parcel formation, taking into account the full-empty, landscape, landscape and circulation relations.


Along the plot depth, the locations of this new linear building mass leaning against the eastern border are; respectively, the service areas close to the road front, the reception area, the living areas in the building center, and finally the bedrooms. All these areas are connected to each other by a linear open circulation line that joins with open areas in places, articulates with areas where they intersect, and extends uninterruptedly along the eastern parcel boundary. The creation of structural voids that support the linear and transparent form of the building by breaking the physical connection between the space units has led to the emergence of open courtyards where water and landscape are also included. The gallery space, which connects the living area on the ground floor with the sofa area, which is the center of the upper floor, in a vertical direction, has also been a design decision that defines the building center with the volume it creates. On the upper floor, the terrace area, which has a view of the sea, obtained by the design of the mass drawn back from the road front, is connected with the places on the upper floor and thanks to the open stairs that can be reached from the ground level; It allows all users to use this terrace uninterruptedly.


The semi-permeable, unsupported wide span eaves, which surround all these relations in a linear way, extend to the parcel boundary and isolate the volumes under it by defining the building in a horizontal plane; The courtyard on the ground floor, located within the projection area, also provides opportunities for many different uses of circulation and landscape areas during the day. In order to expand this diversity created at the ground level by destroying the open-closed relationship boundary; Transparent wide facade designs that can be opened by folding were used. Steel system design was preferred in order to support the horizontal unsupported extensions and wide spans of the building with slender vertical carriers.


In the facade design; stone coating on opaque surfaces together with the wide façade transparency ratios preferred on the ground floor; On the upper floor façade, which is exposed to full sun, less transparent surface and textured white plaster were preferred on opaque surfaces. In order to maintain the linear effect of the structure by integrating the bottom-up relationship; façade panels, which become face to face with the façade when it is closed, were used.


The uninterrupted, rectangular one-piece landscape area that emerges when the linear building mass leans on a border of the parcel together with all its surrounding elements; It has been designed to serve the building in the open area with a pool and sitting areas, which are in the form of a parcel and building in connection with all areas, again in the form of a parcel and a building.



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