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OH | Villa Haniya

Employer: ​Osama Haniya
Project Location: Kirkpinar, Sapanca, Sakarya
Year: 2022
Function: Residential
Size: 300 m²
Situation: Under Construction
Issue: Architectural Design


OH HOUSE is on a sloping corner land overlooking Sapanca Lake; It is an introverted weekend house project designed for different usage and user types.


The building, instead of a singular mass expected to rise on a corner land, takes into account the road-slope-neighbour-landscape relations, and new relations are obtained by intertwining 3 different masses, namely common areas, rooms and circulation units, derived from the space requirement and slope relationship. was built on it and its form was completed. The height differences between the masses were determined by aiming to spread the structure on the ground and disappear in the topography as much as possible.


A 2-storey mass extending perpendicular to the slope along the adjacent parcel, a single-storey mass with terraces overlooking the view, with a minimized relationship with the road, where the rooms, the kitchen and the living room are connected at different levels; Horizontally extending and containing the stairs, the welcome hall and all circulations, both ends are joined by a transparent wide connector. It has been ensured that the qualified and usable spaces created by the structure formed by the coming together of these 3 masses are articulated inside and around the building as an inner courtyard/garden. The legible human movement obtained by making the corridor placed in front of the ground floor room semi-permeable; The aim is to strengthen the relationship between living room, reception, kitchen and rooms together with the transparent binding mass.


In order to limit the relationship with the environment and to ensure introversion; The single walls placed on the landscape around the building and its façade and the semi-permeable fixed façade panels used in front of the transparent surfaces constitute the plain façade design of the building.

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