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Employer: ​Remley 
Project Location: Serdivan, Sakarya
Year: 2017
Function: Office
Size: 80 m²
Situation: Built
Issue: Architectural&Interior Design

In Sakarya, Serdivan region, 3x6 meters sized four steel transportable modular systems were designed to develop an innovator view against the standard office concept in order to meet the demand of moving the office to different locations in the future.

These four modules, each which has been raised from the ground and serving different functions, have been attached with different alignments which has created spaces as used as the entrance area and inner gardens.

Therefore, the relationship with the street is strengthened by the front area of the system that is provided with open space for the users.The office is designed by considering the function, detachability, semi-openness, mobility and the relationship with surroundings. On the facade, semi-transparent metal panels with different sizes were used to emphasise the inviting policy of the firm.
*Project selected '2017 Arkitera Architectural Yearbook'.

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