Employer: ​ARNC
Project Location: Moda, Kadıköy
Year: 2020
Function: Residential
Size: 150 m²
Situation: Built
Interior Architecture

The working scheme and interior design were studied of an existing apartment in Moda, Kadıköy, depending on the demands of the users . After the location of the existing kitchen unit in the residence was changed, all borders between the living room unit were removed, including the entrance hall, and their connections were provided; In this way, it is aimed to provide a more totalitarian functioning instead of divided areas; thereby increase the natural light emission and volume in the interior space with the relationship with the sea and nature scenery.  The traces of the structural system of the building, which emerged during this totalitarianization, were accepted simply, as exhibition elements. A similar effort has been made by combining the back façade and the bedrooms that open onto the wide green courtyard view.