A602|Tepeören A602


Employer: ​Abdurrahman Şahin

Project Location: Tuzla, İstanbul

Year: 2018

Function: Housing

Size: 300 m²

Situation: Built

Issue: Interior Architecture

At Tuzla, Tepeören Region, this project is located in a complex where approximately 100 light steel detached residential buildings produced in 90s for a small family. In the project, depending  on the user requirements, working scheme and interior design was studied.Since the existing functions in the housing are irregular and inadequate, firstly, the kitchen unit’ s location in the ground floor has been changed and a transparent mass has been added in order to connect  the drawing room and the dinner area. The floor of the drawing room of ​​the existing living area, which is supported by atrium, raised and also seperated by fireplace from lounge room. The problem of natural light caused by the grand veranda was solved by the linear skylights attached to the ceiling. 

*Project selected '2018 Arkitera Architectural Yearbook'.

**Project awarded '2019 Mimararsiv Archist Homeart'.

***Project awarded '2019 BIGSEE Interior Architecture'.