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Employer: Remley 
Project Location: Serdivan, Sakarya
Year: 2017
Function: Housing
Size: 14.000 m²
Situation: Built
Issue: Architectural Design

The ‘’ Serdivan 127 ‘’ housing project, located in the district of Serdivan in Sakarya province, was designed by considering the systematic relationship of the blocks formed with square and rectangular modules. By to the circle modules installed around the core, the facade usage of all types of apartments has been increased. Two types of block systems have been created with combinations of three types of circle modules. While the mobility of these blocks with each other on the land, mobility has been provided, daylight and landscape orientation have been strengthened. It was aimed to provide the relationship between the open spaces and ground terraces and the landscape between the building blocks of the users. Metal facade panels are used for light control on the facade. The basement floors of the building blocks are combined and the parking lot, indoor pool, social areas, warehouses and technical volumes are located.

*Project selected '2019 Arkitera Architectural Yearbook'.

**Project awarded '2019 Hurriyet Sign of the City Premium Project'.

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