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BH|Balibey Houses

Employer: Çeviker
Project Location: Şile, İstanbul
Year: 2024
Function: Housing
Size: 3500 m²
Situation: Under Construction
Issue: Architectural Design

Balibey Project; It is a residential project consisting of 2-storeyed, 10 single villas, developed on a parcel overlooking the sea view, located in the Balibey District, close to the seaside, in the center of Sile, one of the important resort areas of Istanbul.

In the project;  Because of vehicle access is possible from 3 sides of the parcel, a detached villa settlement, each connected to the street, was adopted rather than a closed site formation. In this way, vehicle movement within the parcel was eliminated and the amount of green space in the project was maximized. The layout of the villas; It is positioned taking into account the landscape direction, land slope and neighbor relations.

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