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SS|Studio Suites

Employer: ARNC
Project Location: Soğucak, Kuşadası
Year: 2023
Function: Accomodation
Size: 500 m²
Situation: Under Construction
Issue: Architectural Design

'Studio Suites' project; It is an accommodation structure design consisting of 8 units located in a deep rectangular parcel with a single entrance in Kusadasi, Soğucak.
Based on the unique form of the parcel; By positioning the building linearly on the eastern border along the depth of the parcel and orienting it to the west; It is aimed to construct the relationship between all units in the project and the landscape in a homogeneous manner. The design consists of the combination of mass movements of units of different sizes built on a single structural system; It took its final form with the occupancy and voids that emerged as a result of this structuring.
This new linear building mass leaning on the eastern border along the depth of the parcel; It is arranged as 4 ground floor units with garden use, separated from each other, and 4 upper floor units with open terrace use, accessed via common open stairs.

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