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Employer: ​Remley 
Project Location: Serdivan, Sakarya
Year: 2017
Function: Housing
Size: 3300 m²
Situation: Built
Issue: Architectural Design

Located in Serdivan, Sakarya, the project aims to bring a new perspective to housing, with trying different design decisions of varied plan typologies and dynamic facades. Different user experiences is generated, with indoor-outdoor space within different floors, and by using natural stone as a facade element, harmony with nature is implemented.Dynamic facade system is formed by both; by locating living room, kitchen and balconies in different directions in plan typology, and arranging structural openings covered with natural stone in different sizes and depth.Mass effect of the building complex is formed by large openings in order to create a relationship with indoor, surroundings and landspace so that indoor-outdoor bond is strengthened.

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