ERS | Ersan Şen Law Office

Employer: ​Ersan Şen Law Consultancy
Project Location: Istanbul
Year: 2021
Function: Office
Size: 350 m²
Situation: Under Construction
Issue: Interior Architecture

The office is located in a plaza which has a curvilinear plan typlogy, glass facade, centralized entrance and multi storeys. The office space occupies half the size of the floor where it is located. The curved, independent working and meeting moduls which has placed along the facade direction and serving moduls that has placed around the core are connected with a long, uninterrupted circulation line. Reception and meeting units are located in the center, where is the intersection point of this circulation line, the corridor, which has one branch extends to the working and serving areas and the end of it is defined as the lounge area, while other branch extends to the executive offices. Due to the fact that, transparent moduls which is located between the corridor and facade let the light come inside of the building besides allowing the units to be acoustically isolated within themselves is one of the remarkable points that forms the design. Additionally along the design process, factors like user demands, load-bearing systems has always played important roles. In the use of materials, choices were made, taking into account transparency and naturalness. At the entrance, details are highlighted in order to provide a significant first impression to external users while light tones with a soft effect were preferred to give the interior users a comfortable experience.